Life is an illusion.

Self-limiting beliefs are the illusions of life.

Self-limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving success in our lives.

Did you know that everybody goes through situations that create limiting beliefs in their life?

Do you know how to find your limiting beliefs?

The first step to take in discovering and confronting your limiting beliefs are:

Identify your limiting beliefs and write down your negative limiting beliefs.

By listening to the negative thoughts you have with yourself you can quickly locate them and write them down.

These negative thoughts are just “self-talk” moments you have with yourself.

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Picture it! You are looking at ads in Craigslist and you run across an ad that reads. “Offering “Winter White Fine China! Fast, service. No pressure to purchase.”

So, what do you think they are selling?

Nope! It ain’t fine porcelain China from the country of China.

Can’t think of anything? Need a clue. Want to buy a vowel? No worries. I’ll help you figure this one out. Here goes.

If you are on Craigslist and you see terms like “Winter White Fine China, or White China Plates, or China White Dishes, they are not talking about dishes you eat…

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Just saying this simple phrase “I want to be heard,” has different meanings to different people.

At its base meaning it means to the person saying it, that they feel invisible. Because deep down inside all they want is someone to acknowledge them, acknowledge their anxieties, and to understand them, without judgment, which is basically to validate them.

Another example, when someone says, “You are not hearing me!” The first thought is what happened in that conversation was that this person wasn’t heard, right? However, while this person is engaging in a conversation with another person, neither of them are…

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Confidence comes from a Latin word fidere’ which means “to trust.” Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can depend on someone or something. Confidence is relied up on in most every situation we encounter in life. From our friendships, business ventures, love-life, to playing sports. Having confidence in yourself and others can determine the success we will have in everything we do.

People who are confident are magnets for success. Perhaps you have been around someone who had confidence in their personal worth. They had an aura around them that seemed to make good things happen for them.

Okay, So, Life is a journey… But Candace Owens well I don’t know if she’s on that journey and maybe she lives on planet…Dumb Acres?

So, I’ve been kind of keeping a low profile these last few months, staying off Twitter, and other social media, because there is just so much negative energy floating around and I had to use all of my inner strength to talk my relatives into getting the COVID-19 vaccination but alas I digress from my real reason for coming out of my shell, and writing today,

You see I went on @Twitter today and there…

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Ancient tradition long considered music to have healing properties.

Since the dawn of time village healers, shamans, spiritual healers have used musical instruments like drums, bells, and rattles to drive evil spirts and disease from the body.

Music is not lost on modern medical treatments either. It has been found that Alzheimer patients often respond to music when other medical treatments have failed.

Other health therapies that benefit from the use of music are improving respiration, lowering blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate and relaxed muscle tension.

Music even has benefits in mental health where it has been…

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Life is a journey filled with lessons, love, hardships, heartaches, joys, tears, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life.

The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.

Some challenges will be the people that we encounter. Some people will be sent to test us. Some people will be sent to help us. But most people we meet will be placed in our path because they come to fulfill our destiny.

Unbeknownst to us, these people may come into our lives for a…

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Have you ever been asked in an interview if you’ve ever stolen an ink pen?

The whole purpose of questions like this, is for the employer to gauge your perception of what you think stealing is. So, basically this question is done to test your character, to see if you have integrity and it has the potential to be a trick question.

A Character test not only test your response but also your level of agitation, your behavior. Do you act confused, nervous, or anxious when answering? To put it bluntly it is a question rifled with potential bias.


Because questions with implied criminal intent affects people differently. Think of it this way, your…

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Narcissism in the workplace is a serious issue and may have a major detrimental impact on an entire organization.

Narcissism is defined as having an unrealistic sense of grandiosity and superiority, manifested in the form of vanity, self-admiration, and delusions of talent.

In addition, they have deficits in empathy, the ability to feel what others are feeling.

Remember 45? Well 45 was our forty-fifth President, also known as the real Donald Trump. He was our president from 2016 until 2021 and yes, he was a narcissist. His niece Mary Trump even wrote a book about it.

Back to our topic…

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Have you ever considered which was better, working for Amazon or the government? Now when I say “The Government,” I do mean all levels of the government, this includes, cities, counties, States and of course the Federal government.

With that said here goes.

I never worked for Amazon. I have worked for the government, so I do know something about working for the government, in terms of benefits, which includes health insurance for employees and their families, also dental insurance and vision insurance, years of service, retirement, as well as deferred compensation programs, health flexible spending accounts, dependent care assistant…

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